We are surrounded by such vast and fascinating places even the most discerning traveler has only visited a fraction of some of the delights that the natural world beholds. The earth formed over 4.5 million years ago and is the only known planet to support life. That said, there are also some weird and wonderful natural phenomenon across the globe that seem like they are from another world. We thought we’d share a few special locations to amaze you and perhaps inspire you for your next adventure.

Northern Lights – Aurora Borealis – North & South Hemisphere

This is an image of Aurora Borealis

The Northern Lights or Aurora Borealis is definitely one of the most amazing spectacles you will ever likely see. These brilliantly lit particles of the sun are electrically charged as they enter the earth’s atmosphere providing a curtain of light arcing and dancing in the night’s sky. This beautiful display of color can be seen in both the northern hemisphere (Aurora Borealis) and in the south (Aurora Australis). Incredibly, scientists have discovered that both the northern and southern lights are actually mirror-like images of each other actually happening at the same time!

Kuang Si Waterfalls – Laos

Kuang Si Waterfalls

The stunning Kuang Si Waterfalls or sometimes spelt Kuang Xi is one of Laos’ main highlights for tourists and also locals to experience. Large amounts of pale turquoise water cascade like pure white sugar being released from the dense jungle forest, pouring across the silky smooth limestone rocks below. People have said that the only way to describe the sensation of swimming there is that it feels like you are actually bathing in deep blue sky, with warm waters soothing every inch of your body.

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Carezza Rainbow Lake – Italy

Rainbow Lake

In the South Tyrol region of Italy, you will find a true hidden gem and wonderful site called The Rainbow Lake of the Dolomites, or Lago Di Carezza. Story has is that the lake received its name from a beautiful mermaid that lived there, who captivated and captured the heart of a wizard called Masare. He was advised by a witch that in order to win the heart of the nymph, he was to act as a jewels salesman and cast a rainbow across the lake to impress her. Unfortunately, the love blind wizard in a mesmerized state forgot to wear his disguise and his plot was uncovered. She disappeared into the lake and was never to be seen again. In a fit of anger, the broken hearted wizard smashed the rainbow into millions of pieces which then covered the lakes bed. The fractured colors ripple through the crystal clear waters to this very day and provide a stunning place to explore and take beautiful photographs with the lush green trees and ragged mountainous range in the background.

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Alien Landscapes on Earth – Iceland

Discover alien landscape

If you are a science fiction or passionate Star Wars or Blade Runner movie fanatic, then this may appeal to you. The Earth has certainly created some of the most dramatic and baron landscapes that seem like you are actually on a different planet. The Krafla Caldera is an active volcano zone in Iceland over 10 kilometers wide and 2 kilometers deep. This mysterious scenery bubbles with pools of dark mud and thermal plumes fill the eerie air. Researchers have actually designated this area as a test zone to observe humans in living conditions closest to living on Mars. There are also deserted deep emerald pools of untouched waters, with no signs of life, marooned in a desert of dark volcanic rock.

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Hinatuan Enchanted River – Philippines

Hinatuan Enchanted River

Deep in the Hinatuan jungle in the Philippines lays a hidden treasure that still amazes people to this very day. The enchanted river as its known, is a natural salt water river with incredibly clear blue lucid water secluded in the condensed forest. This short stretch of perfect water flows into the Pacific Ocean but no one actually knows where the waters start. Theory has it that a vast underground caves system filters the water and provides some of the cleanest, silt or cloudy free water you are ever likely to come across, let alone swim in.

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