You’ve probably dreamt or considered of quitting your job and setting out on a trip around the world?

Travel blogger Shannon O’Donnell of turned that dream into a reality. For an entire year, she traveled to fifteen countries in Asia & Europe tracking her daily expenses to prove that her dream is not only possible, but affordable too.

Travel the World for 1 Year for 19,000$ or less

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1. Average Daily cost to Travel in 10 Different countries

What’s the average cost per day when it comes to travelling across 10 Different countries ? This costed Shannon only $50,34 on average per day.

2. Unexpected Expenses that came along the way

Unforeseen events that held to be dealt with, such as fixing a broken laptop or buying a new Camera costed $321.21.

3. An entire Year worth of Travelling

How much will the trip of your life cost ? Believe it or not, an entire Year worth of Travelling costed Shannon only $18,588.39 for 15 different Countries. Yes, I know – you’re shocked right now!

4. Your route and speed around the world

Minimize the number of flights you need to take by travelling overland and slowly and to a fewer places.

5. Which countries you should pick to visit ?

Weigh your trip heavily in favour of developing regions around the world.

6. The food you eat & style of travel

Try to eat locally and hit the street food stalls when you find them.




A Little RTW Budget… How Much Does it Cost to Travel the World for a Year? (2018)

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Alexander Grootmeester is an copywriter/online media expert living in South-east Asia for the better part of a decade. Asked what he likes best about living there, he usually answers that it’s “the tightly organized anarchy”.

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