July has officially arrived in France, and the country is gearing up to celebrate the 105th edition of the “Tour de France”, the country’s most highly anticipated cycling event. Spanning 3,329K / 2,069M and taking place over twenty-three days, this glorification of human achievement and endurance has always been a time of pride for the French as the world turns its collective attention to the country’s diverse and beautiful regions. This month HotelQuickly will also honor the spirit of the “Tour de France” by highlighting the unique features of several French regions and cities that are worth considering when planning your holidays this summer.
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Natural Beauty of Noirmoutier-en-l’Île

This island sanctuary is a nature lover’s paradise. Noirmoutier is renowned for its idyllic coastal destinations in Vendée and its diverse landscapes that offer everything from picturesque beaches, mysterious forests, and serene marshes. This region is also famous for its seafood and for cultivating the world’s most expensive potato called the “La Bonnotte”. It owes its unique flavor to the presence of algae and seaweed in the soil that these highly prized spuds are grown in.

The Decadence of Versailles

The primary focus of any trip to Versailles should be the touring of its famous palace. The Palace of Versailles was the principal residence of the Kings of France from Louis XIV in 1682 until the beginning of the French Revolution in 1789. Touring this grand estate can be an all-day event or take several days depending on the pace at which you set. You can explore the main structure, as well as several smaller estates and museums that make up this former royal residence. Food lovers will be happy to know that there are more than five “farmer-style” markets in Versailles. We recommend the covered market called “Halles Notre-Dame” where you will find some of the best food stands in France. Don’t forget to check out these amazing hotel deals from HotelQuickly below.

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The Style & Sophistication of Nice

Renowned for its gentle surf, long stretches of beach and vivacious nightlife on the French Riviera, Nice is a fascinating city. When you’re not frolicking in the ocean, you can spend your time exploring the multitude of museums, historical sites, and ancient ruins. A well-established playground for the European elite, Nice is home to impressive cathedrals and churches as well as popular markets such as the Place Masséna and the Cours Saleya which offer everything from freshly cut flowers to jewelry and clothing at the hawker stalls. Find the best hotel deals in Nice below.

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By the Seaside in Marseille

The second largest city in France, Marseille is a wonderful port city that makes an unforgettable impression with its bustling harbor of fishing boats and yachts bobbing lazily on the blue waters, and the two massive forts framing its entrance at either end. At its heart is the Vieux-Port (Old Port), where fishmongers sell their catch along the boat-lined quay. Be sure to visit the many historical museums and sites such as the Basilique Notre-Dame-de-la-Garde. Make your way to Le Panier which is one of the oldest parts of the city and showcases ochre-colored walls, stone stairways and long, corridor-like streets emerging on to sun-drenched squares. Find hotels in Marseille with HotelQuickly.

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The Charms of Paris

Paris is truly one of the world’s most well-known and celebrated cities, and there is a well-worn tourist path of museums and landmarks that everyone seems to tread. While we are not suggesting that you skip these iconic places, we will recommend that you get off the beaten track and visit some of its more trendy neighborhoods. This would include Belleville which is home to illustrious flea markets, vibrant produce stands, and bustling streets filled with shoppers and colorful merchandise. Foodies should head to the charming rue des Martyrs in the 9th arrondissement, which is one of the best street markets in Paris. Here you can indulge your cravings with delightful pastries and baked goods, and decadent cheeses. There’s no need to hurry as you take your time and peruse the gourmet shops, Parian cafés and restaurants. Check rates in Paris and get the best hotel deals below.

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