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Discover Tet Festival in Vietnam like a local

Find out the tradition of Tet festival in Vietnam
Experience New Year with a difference at Tet Festival in Vietnam. Immerse in the colour and passion and celebrate the awesome party vibe just like a local. Tet Festival in Vietnam is one of Asia’s truly great national happenings. As the world celebrates Chinese New Year, the people of Vietnam celebrate Tet in their own distinctive style. In typical beguiling Asian fashion, Vietnamese Tet is the same but different. To celebrate Tet as an inquisitive outsider is to experience just how powerful and influential family ties still are, the colourful traditions and the eccentric customs that are still practised religiously. …
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Top 10 Activities on the Gold Coast

1o activitys to do in gold coast
First time Australia visitors usually make their way to the East Coast before anything else, where they normally end up booking several activities at the Gold Coast. In the article below, we will list some of the best 10 activities on the Gold Coast we can think of, so you won’t have to do as much digging and googling. We like to think our selection includes a wide variety of activities, so anyone will be able to pinpoint something to their liking. Explore the theme Parks in- and around the Gold Coast For young families looking to spend some …
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The Rough Guide to the Top 10 Countries to visit in 2018

Travel concept on wooden table
The more you travel, the more you realise there’s so much of the world still to discover With a brand new year in front of us, and 14+ days to spend on some new travel adventures, we think it is time for a new “Top 10 countries to visit in 2018”. Given the current political climate, North Korea is off for now, as we don’t want anyone to become a bargaining chip in some pan-pacific power play. We’ve also included expedition-type trips and opted for a collection of cities that are interesting from a historical and cultural …
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Get to know 5 Insane but True Things About Travel

monkey with tongue sticking out
Sometimes traveling abroad feels like a single, never-ending moment of “Oh, no she didn’t!” Of all the worries people have when it comes to travel, sickness, crime and accidents rate equally high. But a few more insane things about travel lurk under the surface. For instance, online travel fora are filled with questions about vaccinations people should take before travelling to Europe (?!), or you notice someone will start three different threads on the obvious and less obvious scams in Ulan Bator, Mongolia. Don’t …
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