It’s no secret that Thailand is home to some of the most delectable food on the planet, and there is a new campaign called Locallicious that is determined to bring the best of local Thai cuisine to the world.

Sponsored by the Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) in conjunction with HotelQuickly, Locallicious is an adventurous way to merge a love of eating and a love of traveling in an unforgettable way.

Much more than your basic food tour

Locallicious is an opportunity to delve beneath the surface and immerse yourself fully in the diverse environments, family traditions and the culinary passions of local people while learning about the dishes that reflect Thailand’s unique cultural identity. It’s the ultimate “Meet Local, Eat Local” food journey.

The quickest way to peel back the layers and discover the soul of any destination is to dive headfirst into its cuisine. What we eat is intimately linked with our history and the environment, and Locallicious will highlight regional cuisine from more than 55 provinces so that you can enjoy dishes from Thailand’s land, sea, rivers, forests and fertile farmlands.

This is an unprecedented opportunity to eat amazing food and forage for the raw ingredients directly from the source while interacting with local food experts and trying dishes that you rarely find in restaurants.

You can opt for 1 or 2-day food experiences during Locallicious, which takes place from 11 Aug to 30 September, 2018; while HotelQuickly will be there to ensure that you find the best hotel deals everywhere you will be.  

Locallicious is your passport to explore Thai cuisine in a truly visceral and compelling way and discover for yourself what it means to “Meet Local, Eat Local.”

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