July is a fantastic summer month to ‘get out and about’, and many people around the world are preparing to commemorate their respective “Independence Day.” Every country has their own way of expressing their culture and remembering their history, and these national holidays can be a fabulous opportunity to explore a new city. There’s no better way to become a part of living history, soak up the summer sun, learn about local traditions and party with the locals. Here are some of the most diverse and vibrant places to travel for fun-filled celebrations of freedom.  

American Anthem, 4th July

If its backyard BBQ’s, fireworks, picnics, and parades that ‘tickle your fancy’, then head to the USA this Fourth of July. Honouring the day that independence from Great Britain was gained in 1776, it is a beloved federal holiday where wearing “red, white and blue,” waving flags, drinking beer and eating hot dogs and hamburgers is commonly practised. Although the entire country celebrates the occasion on some level, a visit to either the nation’s Capitol in Washington DC, New York City or Boston is where you will see some of the most ostentatious celebrations. Find the best hotel deals in the USA for this 4th of July below.      

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Canada Day All The Way, 1 July

Canada Day is celebrated on the second of July all over the country and marks the “birthday” of the nation in 1876 when the Constitution Act gave them freedom from England. The biggest celebrations take place in Ontario, especially in the city of Ottawa. There are fireworks, carnivals, parades, and concerts held in various locations and local museums will often perform historical recreations. Face painting, flag waving, potluck dinners and barbeques are all standard practices, and many parks will organize kids activities and games that people of all ages can enjoy. Explore hotel deals in Ontario with HotelQuickly.

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The Luminous La Fête de la Bastille, 14 July

Bastille day

There is no better time to visit Paris than Bastille Day (La Fête Nationale) which marks the storming of the Bastille prison in 1789 as the first significant event of the French Revolution. A real spectacle of ‘pomp and circumstance’, the celebrations always begin with a traditional military parade on the Champs-Élysées. The reveries usually last for several days, and you don’t want to miss the “Bal du 14 Juillet”, a giant dance party traditionally held on the evening before Bastille Day. A different theme is chosen each year, usually providing an opportunity to don elaborate costumes and dance the night away to live music. Breathtaking fireworks are the main staple of Bastille Day celebrations, and a cruise along the Seine is one of the best vantage points for enjoying the spectacle. Check rates in Paris and get the best hotel deals below.

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Hong Kong

Hong Kong independence day

It was July 1, 1997, when Hong Kong was officially transferred from the United Kingdom to the People’s Republic of China, marking the end of 156 years of British colonial rule. This occasion called Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Establishment Day (HKSAR) is a public holiday and a time where many citizens express their political views at rallies, attend ceremonies, listen to speeches, watch parades and attend private receptions, public exhibitions and events. Fireworks are a vital part of the celebrations along with live music and dragon dances taking place all across the island.  You may also want to celebrate with an aerial Helicopter Tour or Deluxe Island Tour from the ground with HotelQuickly’s sister company, eOasia, while visiting Hong Kong.

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