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opened book covered with grass, compass

Unbelievable travel stories that you need to read today

November 22, 2017

Every travel experience is an adventure, but there are a few travel tales One of the all-time greats of travel success stories centres on Steve…

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Hollywood boulvard in California

The big list of unique, strange & fun places to go in California

September 11, 2017

Whether it is a hike, a restaurant, or just a collection of odd things, this list is dedicated specifically to the…

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Hollywood sign overlooking Los Angeles

Here’s our list of things to do in Southern California

August 6, 2017

Check out our vast List of Unusual, Unforgettable Attractions & fun things to do in Southern Cali   Famous for Disneyland, Route…

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Beautiful girl sitting under the shade of a Balinese hut overlooking an incredible waterfall

Don’t ever ask for Bali things to do – just read our list and you will be fine

August 5, 2017

Our best things to do in Bali will take you straight to the ‘must see’ cultural treasures and famous landscapes found…

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2 thai people walking in an old temple

The best 5 places to visit in Thailand in 2017

July 26, 2017

This overview of the best places to visit in Thailand shows where to find the cultural, historic and natural attractions  …

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travel arround the world sponteneously

7 Things only spontaneous travelers will understand

September 23, 2016

Travel musings from a bonafide travel expert. As Paulo Coelho famously said, “If you think adventure is dangerous, try routine, it’s…

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rooftop bar kuala lumpur

8 Trending Rooftop and Speakeasy Bars to Check Out in Kuala Lumpur

September 16, 2016

Kuala Lumpur has always been one of those hard-to-pin-down cities. A melding of Asia–old and new–it’s a capital with something for…

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Like a local: Singapore food tips

Like a local: HotelQuickly’s best of What to eat in Singapore

August 25, 2016

What to eat in Singapore A hotspot for culture and cuisine, explore what to eat in Singapore and discover a…

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image of a drinking bar in Yangon

Your Yangon Drinking Guide

August 18, 2016

Once you check out all of the pagodas and tea shops of Burma’s biggest city, give yourself a break and grab…

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brunch in a sublime Asian hotel

7 Sublime Asian Hotel Brunches Worth Waking Up For

August 18, 2016

Is there anything more decadent than waking up in a luxurious bed and knowing a good breakfast awaits? Eggs cooked just…

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