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Hotel Quickly exists to make travelling easy and rewarding for everybody.

Discover where it all began. Read the history of how HotelQuickly was founded and has grown since it was first launched in March 2013

1.5 million users. More than 200,000 hotels. Destinations in every corner of the globe. Since its founding, HotelQuickly has made traveler’s lives easier by providing a simple, stress-free way to book cheap hotel rooms last minute.

In September 2012, five visionaries joined forces to give birth to a new idea that would change the way you travel. Out of the minds of Tomas Laboutka, Christian Mischler, Michal Juhas, Mario Peng and Raphael Cohen came mobile booking website and app HotelQuickly.

The following March, we launched publicly in Hong Kong, Taiwan, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, and Indonesia. Within less than a year, we had expanded to Vietnam, Cambodia, and Macau, as well as overseas to Australia and New Zealand, making HotelQuickly the first to provide last-minute mobile-only hotel booking on the two continents.

In the years since, we have expanded throughout Asia and then all across the globe, with headquarters in Hong Kong and Bangkok and offices throughout the region. In 2016, HotelQuickly acquired and fully integrated Japanese app Tonight. And that’s just the start of what’s to come.

Since our founding, we’ve raised a total of $US 5.6 million in investor funding, which we’ve used to make hotel bookers’ experiences as fantastic as possible. Our innovation and rapid growth has been featured by media outlets such as TechCrunch, Forbes, CBS, NBC, TechInAsia, TheNextWeb, Yahoo, and Tnooz.

Our passion for excellence continues to bring you the best cheap hotel rooms last minute. We constantly work to grow as a company while delivering the best deals out there and improving your experience every day. We at HotelQuickly are glad to have you on this journey and can’t wait to see what the future has in store.

How can HotelQuickly help you make hotel bookings and find cheap hotel rooms in a simple and stress-free way?

HotelQuickly is a piece of cake to use, so you’ll be able to secure that amazing hotel discount in no time. Whether you’ve downloaded the app or are visiting our website, simply enter your location and dates to view the most jaw-dropping deals in the area. You can even filter by price, rating, and features to find the perfect place to lay your head tonight.

Booking through HotelQuickly offers incomparable advantages:

  • Our best deals are generally found on the day of your hotel stay, but you can book rooms up to a year in advance.
  • Having a late night? No need to stress! HotelQuickly accepts cheap hotel room bookings until 4am for same-night check-in, so you’ll always have a place to stay.
  • We think you’re extra special, and so do our partner hotels, which is why HotelQuickly members receive exclusive gifts and freebies.
  • Who doesn’t love free hotel stays? We reward you with credit and discounts when you invite friends to use the app or share your HotelQuickly love on social media.
  • We believe loyalty is a virtue, so we reward our members who book regularly. The more you book, the more savings you’ll get on all your trips!

Need assistance? Our support team has a 98% satisfaction rating and can help you out at any hour of the day via email or through the app.

Curious about the team that’s working to bring you the best cheap hotel rooms? Read about our founders.


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