Five “Must See” places to visit in Japan

Discover the most places to visit in Japan
There are more than a few good reasons to visit Japan, and this island nation in the Pacific Ocean has an ancient and rich cultural heritage that coexists harmoniously with its futuristic cities and modern technologies. There are many things to see in Japan, and the county encompasses dense cities, imperial palaces, iconic mountain ranges and national parks along with thousands of sacred shrines and temples. When you visit you will discover a country with a population of 127 million people nationwide.   Japan plays host to an average of 19 million international visitors each year. …

Escape to Europe this Easter

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Easter is a much beloved holiday that is universally celebrated around the world. Whether looking to spend time close to home with family and friends; or preferring to take the opportunity to travel abroad, Easter 2018 is an ideal time to plan your next holiday. Europe is a culturally rich and historically significant region of the world, and these are our favorite places to visit in Europe this Easter. Paris Easter in Paris, France is idyllic, to say the least. It …
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Top Places to Travel in April 2018

Travel destination that you will enjoy to visit in April 2018
Paris Paris is one of France’s most beloved and romantic cities, and April is one of the best times of year to visit. Often referred to as the “City of Light”, Paris comes to life and is literally in “full bloom” as spring arrives with a burst of vibrant color and fragrance as the Cherry and Apple Blossoms burst on the scene. This is an ideal time to beat the crowds that flock to the city in the summer months. The weather in Paris is generally cool and brisk with an average daily temperature of 12°C …
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Day Tripping in Melbourne

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, its breathtaking natural beauty and its artsy bohemian urban vibe. Melbourne is undoubtedly a city on the rise and they pride themselves on their laid-back and welcoming attitude. There are many things to see and do in Melbourne and they have positioned themselves as a unique destination that is unlike any other city in Australia. Melbourne has a well-established reputation as a “foodie mecca” and they have garnered global recognition as a gourmet hot spot in recent years. Sports fans from all over flock to the city and converge at the world famous Melbourne Cricket Ground, which is also …
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